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Man I havent posted in awhile

Alright I need an outlet to write at least once a day so Im going to start writing in this live journal that I havent written in in months. Well heres day one...sweet

Ah the life of laziness

I haven't done much since I've been home but I did get my christmas shopping done for the most part and I feel like I kinda have the right to do nothing. Hell i have earned it.

I read todays questionable content and laughed out loud. It is consistently the funniest comic I have ever stumbled upon on the internet and I use to read 8-bit theater.

The one thing I really hope to get this christmas is modern warfare 2 its awesome and I've herd there is a mission where you play a terrorist and your goal is to shoot as many fleeing civilians as you can, utterly disturbing and awesome. I remember a time when the thing I wanted most for christmas was pokemon silver, time changes all things.

happy holidays


christmas break

Im home now. I have spent the last few days intoxicated because the 11th and today the 14th were two of my roommates 21st birthdays. mine isn't until march but im not jealous or anything...

anyway ive gotten most of my christmas shopping done so i feel good about that and my grades at the end of this semester are shapping up to be pretty awesome. life is sweet and so are you

happy holidays

life is pretty good.

So I'm going into finals looking pretty good in the grades department and I just finished the annoying holiday concert and I have nothing I have to do until tuesday. life is pretty sweet right now.

I find I'm not quite in the christmas spirit and it's probably because no one really celebrates it in a college town. I'm gonna put my christmas lights up in my room I think get some spirit in this piece. watch a christmas movie if I can find one.

I'm lookin forward to break I really need one its been a rough couple months with classes and tests but everythings comin up Dylan (milhouse).

I love the simpsons

I know I know but im writing now

Man these last couple of weeks have been hectic I am now on the verge of finals week and I feel pretty damn awesome and cocky about how well Im doing so...eat it ISU. I now have to come up with a christmas list which suprisingly will be kind of difficult. clothes, games, new ipod maybe.

I dunno ill get on it

booyah grandmother!

   I'm sittin pretty right now I rearranged my apartment room and its much more feng shui (pronounced fang shooie). It is pretty sweet and it gives me alot more room to do nothing in. perhaps a waste of space but that is how I role. My video game Dragon Age is beyond bitchin and after I beat it ill give a personal review of it. I used to do that all the time in my old LJ so I figure why not.

 Terminator 2 is on right now so I'm gonna watch the hell out of it.

keep rockin

GAH! + buh? = buhgah!?

   Im so bored today and I don't know why. I could just turn my xbox on and be utterly entertained but I lake motive and also energy and its like 2 inches away from me right now. I dunno maybe writing will help.

I like me some Ku
I dont know why but I do
hey that ryhmed kinda

A haiku by Dylan

well thats was fun. did anybody see the whale wars episode of south park? it was awesome and cartman singing poker face is the funniest thing of last week.

onto boredom and back. I'll bring souvenirs

As much as I hate monday I love tuesdays

  Tuesdays and thursdays are my easy days this semester and I love them because of it. I discovered an interesting artistic medium the other day, it involves making paper snow flakes but instead of using scissors you use a lighter (I was bored). The end result is a snow flake with that nice dark brown orange charred color around all the intrecracies, pretty cool.

  Yesterday I had the most delicous meal I have ever had in a dorm food court, it was vietnamese and awesome.

  I'm gonna get super nerdy today I'm gonna sell some games and get thenew game Dragon Age Origins and I CAN NOT wait. I'm gonna ch0ose to be a good and pure hero cause that is how I roll. I have a hero complex I guess

rock on!

Yeah..good weekend,bad monday

   Well I had a pretty interesting weekend. I pulled of Ron Jeremy probably a little too well and had alot of fun discussing how Ron Jeremy was nicknamed the hedgehog and how I am equally hairy with the construction worker from the village people. That was just Friday my actual halloween didn't start till about 11 because we were lazy and slow moving but when we got to the party I was immediatly recognized as ron jeremy by Rev. Al Sharpton and later was hit on by a Male Tooth Fairy. I also found out an interesting fact about my friend Ty and how he dated a good 300 pound bitch of a woman. That is something i will never understand if your 300 pounds, youd think that you would at least be a nice person not a skanky bitchasaurous but to each their own. Sunday was nice and lazy, full of iron chief which I am currently addicted to. Alas today is monday and I hate monday oh well

A day is a day like anyother 

YAY! halloween

    Today its ol' hallos eve and I can't fricken wait for tonight. It is gonna be hella sweet. My costume is fool proof for one and two its freakin halloween weekend. I have never had a bad time on halloween weekend its always crazy fun. Now today it is a shame because I have class I still have to go to and it is also raining like it's never rained before. Of course I have no umbrella cause I'm a MAN, but I am also very wet.  Hopefully tonight will make up for all that and be super awesome and super fun...super